Chesapeake Blue

Seth, the youngest Quinn, is home for the first time in years. An acclaimed painter, who is blessed with a gift he can’t quite explain, Seth is as handsome and dynamic as the other Quinns. He comes home to find things in St. Chris much the same, with the exception of lovely Dru Whitcomb-Banks, a new shopkeeper in town. Dru is not what Seth expected and he soon finds himself drawn to her, despite his unsavory roots. She’s carrying quite a bit of baggage herself, but finds that she’s falling for him just the same.

Nora Roberts had already built a compelling family that intrigued readers through the first of the Chesapeake Bay saga, Sea Swept, Rising Tides and Inner Harbor. But in response to overwhelming reader demands (she dedicates the book to “Every reader who ever asked, “When are you going to write Seth’s story?”) she writes Seth to be as dreamy and decidedly alpha as the other Quinn men. Dru is a perfect match for Seth, strong willed and determined and also a bit of a lost soul. The combined traits make the couple vibrant and interesting. On top of that, you get to revisit your favorite characters from the first three books and find out what’s become of them and their children. Nora’s greatest gift is her ability to write a family that keeps the reader’s attention.

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I wholeheartedly recommend this book to both first time, or habitual Noraholics! If this is your first Nora book, I suggest that you read the first three in the saga before reading Chesapeake Blue. You’ll find your enjoyment of the story even greater having met the secondary characters before.

Nora’s done it again!

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