Chernobyl Accident

On April 26th, 1986 the worlds worst nuclear power accident occurred at Chernobyl in Russia.At 1:23 am, reactor number 4 became out of control creating a fireball explosion which blew off the reactor’s heavy steel and concrete lid.The Chernobyl nuclear power plant located 80 miles north of Kiev and had 4 reactors.While testing reactor number 4 for numerous safety issues, many of them were disregarded.
First, the Chernobyl incident can well be blamed on its unexpected lack of safety.Obviously the workers failed to recognize the undetected warnings.What seems like common sense, given it was a nuclear power plant, Chernobyl exploded like a two-ton firework.To me, the violation of procedures brought upon a deserved consequence.Death was to be likely, and its deliberate mourning was heard.Although an incident like this could have been prevented, I;m almost relieved it happened, for the reason that, we now can foresee problems before they occur.We behold this disaster in our memories and we;ve learned from this negative mistake.Another safety issue that;s at fault was the bad communication.I think that when it comes to hazardous materials, that could injure thousands of people, communication should be at its; best.
It;s such a shame to see a perfect environment, one day beautiful, and the next a disaster area.Farmland, water supply, and citizen;s homes: all destroyed from something that could have been prevented.Still sixteen years later, radiation flows in our air and contamination leaks through our earth.Russia exclaimed this wasn;t a huge deal, but what about the kids who now live there?The radiation and uranium just didn;t disappear.The people of this land have to cultivate and farm on contaminated soil.I believe that many of us Americans take our every day life for granted.When we go to the supermarket to buy our milk, eggs, and

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