Chemistry/Nursing Research Paper

In the unorderly world of today's society, we find little time to look deeper at the framework that holds together the human race.We tend to leave the exploration of the human body up to the allied health professionals.Nurses among others, are dedicated to understanding and studying the biological and physiological processes that occur within our complicated bodies.
The processes that occur are very important to human survival.They range from unassisted processes to prescription processes.Through the study of these very complex reactions we find that there are chemical processes that must be in balance to maintain proper health.That is where the nursing profession comes in.
As nurses we are responsible for taking care of the sick and keeping the healthy well.Through the use of medications we are able to assist patients in an accelerated recovery from whatever may ail them.Another form of medication would be chemotherapy.We use this to slow down or alleviate cancerous cells.Other circumstances, such as mental illness, we are able to use medication to help the brain function normally.
Not only can we help sick patients, but we can use many vitamins and minerals to keep the healthy from getting sick.They help to replenish the many aspects of the immune system to keep people well.
Yet as I stated before not only is medication a form of chemistry but we have the unassisted processes also.These would be the involuntary chemical reactions that occur constantly within our bodies.For instance, when you eat something, there must be a way to break it down into the protein, enzymes, starches and sugars that our bodies need to function.So the moment it enters our mouths, the process of digestion occurs.
Therefore this makes the art of chemistry and chemical technique very important to the field of nursing.We must know how much of a drug or vitamin to administer to a patient or we may cause permanen…

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