Chemistry through Entertainment

For many years students have been taught in the traditional classroom setting. You have a teacher, blackboard and a desk. Most students want to learn, but loss interest or are discouraged when they learn above or below the average learning speed. But when students are offered an opportunity that allows them to learn at their own pace and in the comfort of their home the outcomes are unlimited. Allowing students to interact with what they learn has proven time and time again to increase their interest and the amount of information learned and remembered. Many studies have been done that support our groups' hypothesis that video games do affect the way a person thinks and acts. Therefore it would only make sense that having a Chemistry video game that taught you chemistry would embed the information that is being taught into the students mind, because of the interaction and having to be aware of what is going on in the game to advance to the next chapter. In our interactive video game we would have a teacher, just like in the normal classroom setting, but you would read the sections on your own and would play games to show how well you comprehend the information that you had just read. There would also be an option for the section to be read to you. The video game would not allow a student to move on until the game was completed one time through correctly this way the information the student gathers is all correct and he or she knows how the answer was achieved. There are many other ways that students can learn interactively, but we believe that if you are in a comfortable setting (your home or wherever else.) you will have the confidence that is needed to learn and achieve your goals.An interactive video game would allow for people to take the Chemistry class at home. This option would allow many people who are unable to go to school everyday or have a disability to complete a Chemistry course on their own time, yet provide the s…

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