Chemical Dependency

What exactly is chemical dependency?Fortunately, more and more people are coming to believe that chemical dependency is not a sign of moral and psychological weakness.Melenie Mender, a speaker from a drug treatment center, shares the same opinion about addiction as many drug specialists. "The disease of chemical dependency can be described; it is primary, progressive, and fatal" (McFarland 11).Many people begin covering their problems with drugs or alcohol.Their lives become unmanageable because of their using.Until the drinking or drug use is stopped, the underlying problem cannot be dealt with.Those with psychiatric problems have major emotional problems that become worse as their addiction increases.A progressive disease means that the disease becomes worse and more serious over time.Thefirst change one sees is the behavior of the user.Their behavior becomes more unacceptable to those around them and the user is often very impulsive.Emotional growth is slowed and eventually stops.Now, more then ever, young people are showing rapid signs of deterioration.This is due to heavy drug use affecting the body of a young person not fully developed.Alcoholism, along with drug addiction is a chronic disease.Once one becomes an addict, they will always be an addict.It is a disease, it does not go away.The disease is fatal if one does not stop their using.There are three places one ends up if they do not stop using.It has been said those people find themselves in a jail, sanitarium, or in the morgue.
Experts agree on some common characteristics shared by chemical dependency: The substance initially triggers pleasure or mood elevation.Also, "The body develops a physical tolerance to the substance so that addicts must take even larger amounts to get the same effect"(Bender, 59).When one stops taking the chemical, the body goes through painful withdraw symptoms.Finally, addiction ca…

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