Many in the world of science do not succeed asprominent individual considering it is a tough field not only to achieve in but to maintain an identity. Mario J. Molina was someone that prospered as a minority andNobel Laureate in this particular field. Mario wasa Mexican American chemist,born in Mexico City in the year of 1943. Although, he has obtained several awards for his scientific work, a distinction among his awards was noted when awarded the 1995 Nobel Prize in chemistry, which he shared with Rowland and Paul J. Crutzen, a Dutch chemist,for their work in atmospheric chemistry. It was thefirst Nobel Prize awarded for work in the environmental sciences (Oaks110)
He has a Chemical Engineering degree of 1965 from the Mexican University named Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and achieved a postgraduate degree two years later from the University of Freiburg located in West Germany. In the year 1972 at age 29, from the Berkeley University of California, Mario attained aPh.D. degree in physical chemistry.Subsequently, as a research fellow inIrvinehe became a part of Rowland's laboratory. Comfortable at this University he diverged from this position and in the year of 1975,Molina became a professor at the University. Eight years later, in 1983, leaving Irvine, he was a designatedsenior research scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology also known as Caltech. In his years of career,in 1989 he came to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology otherwise known as MIT appointed as a professor in earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences.He is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. He has served on the US President’s Committee of Advisors in Science and Technology, the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board, National Research Council Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology.(….

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