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When people think of hydrogen, outside the studying of a chemistry class or something to that effect, thinks immediately of the hydrogen bomb.This situation is obvious a big image problem.Thanks to new technology, hydrogen has escaped the imagine of the unbearable to other more economical thoughts.
The Bush administration as well as environmentalist, are working side by side to look at hydrogen as a power, to power "emission-free fuel cells," said by a recent Natural Resources Defense Council report, which will secure a safer and cleaner future for the world.
Having a lot of use to it, a fuel cell is essentially a huge battery which places hydrogen through chemical reactions to create electrical energy.What can this do for us?Well, using this method could result in a world which cars run or highly efficient engines of a cost of a penny a mile, which is currently half the rate of modern cars.In the mean time releasing nothing more harmful than water, which we need to stop a big part of air pollution.With all this factors in consideration hydrogen should, and will be the next big thing.
This wasn't thefirst time, in the U.S., that we tried to use alternate fuels.The other alternatives that we tried out as energy efforts are synthetic fossil fuels or fusion power.Unfortunately neither where efficient enough for use, at least not yet.
Despite the pit stops, in technology, researchers are still looking for "efficient fuel-cell technology which uses hydrogen to power automobiles without creating pollution."
While releasing pure water vapor as the exhaust, fuel cells are considerably like hydrogen powered batteries, squeezing electricity out of the reaction between the gas and oxygen that makes water.
Despite the fact that it would be better for us to get ride of the common use of oil use, it is cheaper for coal and oil use, and much more expensive for the use of fuel cells.

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