Cheetahs are mainly found in Sub-Saharan Africa and found in partly open savannas. Some cheetahs live in south eastern Asia and some parts of India, Iran and Afghanistan. Things that cheetahs like to have around them are tall grass, bushes, and large plants. Cheetahs don’t like to live in forests or jungles because trees would stop them from using their speed. They like to live in a sub- dessert. Cheetahs live in small, isolated populations and they are very rare in southern Algeria and northern Niger, and range from Senegal east to Somalia and south to northern South Africa. A few have been reported in Iran. However, many of their strongholds are in eastern and southern African parks.
Cheetahs are carnivores. They will eat smaller game such as hares, warthogs, and birds. Cheetahs eat primarily hoofed mammals weighing less than 90 pounds. Some animals that cheetahs eat are; Oryx, rabbits, birds and small antelope. Some larger animals that cheetahs eat are warthogs, impalas, and gazelles. Most cheetahs hunt in the morning or late afternoon. Cheetahs get their food byfirst scanning the countryside from a tree limb or on top of a termite mound. Cheetahs use their sense of smell not their eyesight to catch their food. When cheetahs eat they have to eat fast because animals like lions, leopards, vultures and Jackals may sometimes take away its kill. When cheetahs find a kill it won’t sneak up on it they will chase after it. When its prey is caught the cheetah would bite its neck so the animal would die instantly.
Cheetahs protect themselves by sharpening their claws on trees. They also protect themselves by roaring and fighting with its predators. When a Cheetah feels threatened by predators, it is rumored that a Cheetah can reach up to 80 miles per hour. The cheetah also has hundreds of spots that camouflage it in its habitat.
The cheetah’s two predators are human poachers or hunters and large lions.The human

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