There are many endangered species in the world and the cheetah is one of them. This beautiful animal is becoming an animal with little of its species left and needs to be saved.
The cheetah is the only living representative of its genus. It can weigh between 130 – 145 pounds, and be as long as 7 feet including the tail. ( cheetah has a small arched head, which is attached to a small neck. Its facial features include a short nose and a black stripe from the corner of the eye to the mouth. Its slender body makes it easier to make sharp turns when it is running at high speeds such as 70mph, that can be reached in a short time of three seconds. This speed can be maintained for as far as the lengths of three football fields. ( Its thin, long legs also help the speed of the cheetah, which is the fastest mammal alive. It has a tawny to pale-buff or grayish-white coat. Atop the coat there is round black spots that lie close together. The under parts are white. The tail is extremely long with black rings that go right up to the tip of the tail. The weight of the tail helps the cheetah keep its balance while running. (!
Cavendish 188) The cheetah is a carnivore that preys on small to medium size animals. The cheetah begins to chase its prey from as far as
300 feet away. A cheetah's diet consists of gazelle, antelope, wildebeest, hares, and zebras.( females gestation period lasts from three months to ninety-five days. The female usually gives birth to 3-5 cubs on average. (
The cheetah is located in mostly semi-desert areas. From Asia to India, Africa to Namibia, and the steppe areas of Iran, the cheetah is becoming less common everyday. (Cavendish 189) Human activity is a portion of the cheetah's cause of death. Illness and suffering from broken legs and attacks from other predators are also a cause of death for the cheetah as well as the

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