As far as I can remember, thefirst time I experienced cheating was in my tenth grade history class. This seems like a rather long time to go in school without experiencing any cheating, but the work we were given before this point wasn't very challenging, so there never was a reason to cheat. I'm sure there had been a time or two before then, but this is one time that really sticks out in my memory.
Thefirst time I experienced cheating was during finals week in the tenth grade. I had a world history exam coming up, which was going to be very hard. It was made up of one hundred multiple-choice questions. The good part was that it was multiple-choice. On the other hand, there were one hundred questions. The school day started off normal. I got to school and went to my two classes in the morning. Then, it was time for lunch. As I was sitting in lunch, I noticed a paper was being passed around the table I was sitting at. Many of the people I sat with at lunch were also in my history class. Finally, the paper I was wondering about worked its way down to me. I looked at it for a second and realized that it contained every answer to our upcoming history final. Everyone else had already made his or her own copy, so I wasn't going to be left out. I can remember being a little skeptical atfirst. I wondered if this was going to be the exact test we were taking, or if it was alter
ed for someone else. Then, I remembered that our teacher had only given one version of the tests we had taken in the past. I also found out that the only reason we had a copy of the exam was that one of my friends took the exam this morning because he was leaving school early. In turn, I started copying the answers realizing that this was a perfect chance to solidify an A on my report card. I then began the process of trying to memorize all one hundred answers. I still had one more ninety-minute class before history, so I had some time working t…

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