Cheating at School

There’s no doubt that many students cheat. Surveys across America show this.Students cheat from time to time, because to them this isn’t a big deal. The pressures put forth in society to do well academically at times force students to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.The weights and measures of getting good grades vs. risk of getting caught cheating are becoming more and more at risk.A recent study of a survey at Bucks show cheating is wide spread.”Approximately 140 students have taken the survey, and approximately 50 percent of the student respondents to our survey on academic integrity have known other Bucks students to cheat and/or plagiarize on their college assignments,” said Michael Hennessey, chairman of ad-hoc committee on academic integrity and Lang and Lit professor.At Bucks there is a survey you can take anonymously at: has also become easier as the Internet savvy generation of students enter the academi!
c world.New technologies make it even easier with the explosion of cell phones with email, pagers which are alphanumeric, and wireless devices. Doing a search on Yahoo for the terms research paper come up with 44,311 hits. School Sucks is one of many online cheat sites, where students can download prewritten term papers for free or for a modest fee., created by 18-year-old Paul Roberts, averages about 60,000 page views per day.There are books out there that tell you how to cheat. The Cheater’s Handbook: The Naughty Student’s Bible by Bob Corbett which sells for $12.95 or Arco Real A+ College Term Papers by Mark Alan Stewart for $11.99. A study from Donald L. McCabe of Rutgers University shows that:On most campuses, over 75 percent of students admit to some cheating. In a 1999, and 2001 survey of 2,100 students on 21 campuses across the country, about 1/3 of the participating students admitted to serious test cheating and half admitted to one or mo…

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