Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin had the greatest influence on the world of science by proving the evolution of living things. He hadfirst noticed the similarities of plants and animals on the Galapagos Isles while embarking on a five-year cruise on the H.M.S Beagle. After noticing the similarities between the plants and animals on different islands, he decided to study them more closely.

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Charles published hisfirst work "The Origin of Species" with the work he had collected on his voyage. In his book he explained how Organisms had for millions of years been evolving ways to help them better survive. Darwin stated that the organisms had steadily adapted to their surroundings to ensure their survival. In his work, Darwin stated that changes were to have occurred during reproduction. The most valuable traits were to become dominant while the weaker, less valuable traits became recessive. That is why having brown eyes, as opposed to blue eyes, is a dominant trait among humans, because it helps protect your eyes from the sun.

To illustrate what Charles Darwin would later call "Natural Selection"; he used an example of long-necked and short-necked giraffes. The Long necked giraffes could get to more food on higher parts of the trees. When the all food on the lower parts of the trees was consumed, the short-necked giraffes starved, and eventually died out, leaving only the long necked giraffes to mate and pass on the their traits of long necks to the next generation. This is what Darwin would call "survival of the fittest". This is also an example of how traits (such as long necks, can become dominant).

Darwin also hypothesized about how humans came to have different colors of skin. He concluded that the color of your skin was greatly dependent on where you lived. People who lived in hotter places with longer hours of bright sunlight, tended to have darker skin. The extra pigment helped shield them fr…

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