Chapter 15

One in four Americans are infected with an STD. 57% of teenagers will lose they're virginity in High School. 79% lost they're virginity by the end of college. 16.9 is the average age for sex. 33% of high school students had sex once a month to twice a week and 52% of college students have sex twice a month to twice a week. This isn't even referring to adults. My text book is telling me the sexual revolution is over?
This Sunday I woke up around 11am. I pour myself a cup of Joe and walk down my driveway barefoot, hair in shambles rubbing my groggy somewhat hung over eyesto collect the Sunday paper. I pull it out and what do I see right smack in the middle of the front page? About 4,000 naked people were lying down in the middle of Cleveland. This was enough to make me stop in the middle of my driveway in amazement. How could they print this on the front page of the Plain Dealer on a Sunday in color? The paper said it had something to do with art. It was for a photographer by the name of Spencer Tunick. I thought to myself yea right buddy 4,000 people dropped they're pants and laid down with each other for the sake of a good picture, for art.
Just days before this I received an anonymous letter in the mail inviting me to an orgy. An Orgy! What time period is this, ancient Rome? I thought to myself are people not aware of STD's, AIDS, teenage pregnancy? How could they not be? These issues are touched upon once in awhile enough to make you aware that they are out there but not enough to make you aware of how common they are. There is something else that swathe my senses when I am listening to the radio, reading a billboard, watching TV and reading magazines. Its what sells, its what makes you turn your head its what makes you nervous and stirs up feelings of love, lust and romance. Its sex. Sex is everywhere. Why is sex everywhere, why does it sell, and what is the attraction to a beautiful wom

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