Chapter 12 Review

Chapter 1: The Science of Psychology

Chapter one of our text begins by discussing psuedoscience, or as the authors call it “psychobabble”.Basically they discuss how it is common that people are often misled by false psychology in our culture and quite often in the media.The authors compare and contrast true psychological practices with psuedopsychology, which often lacks true evidence and proper methods of research and information retrieval.I was glad to see that the authors discussed this topic and clarified the difference between “psuedopsychology” and genuine psychology.It was very helpful to have clarification of what is genuine and what is not within the field of psychology.
The remainder of chapter one discusses two other topics, Critical Thinking and the history of psychological practices.Critical thinking is an evolving process, which one uses to come to a reasonable logical conclusion.It is imperative that Psychologists use Critical Thinking when coming to a conclusion regarding the matter at hand.This section on Critical Thinking provides the reader with a good base to begin thinking Psychologically and it is very helpful in allowing one to come to an unbiased conclusion.This section was helpful in describing to the reader how psychologists reason and come to logical conclusions in their field of work.The history of Psychological practices was the section of chapter one that I least enjoyed.This was mostly due to the fact that I was already aware of most of the information that was provided.However it is important that people realize how the field of Psychology has developed and it’s different methods, so this chapter served the purpose of providing this information.

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Chapter 2: How Psychologists do Research

The second chapter of our text covers the topic of how Psychologists go about obtaining results from their research.This chapter discusses the various methods and practices that Psy…

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