Culture is something that is very stable but it is still something that is subject to
change.There are different causes to change including accidents or the unexpected
outcome of events that are already in existence.Sometimes it is also the attempt to solve
a perceived problem.Change can also be forced upon a group through intense contact
between two societies.Adaption and progress are both consequences and not causes of
The ultimate source of all change is innovation.This is any new practice, tool, or
principle that gains widespread acceptance within a group.A primary innovation is a
change that involve the chance discovery of a new principle.A secondary innovation
results from the deliberate application of known principles.A great example of primary
innovation is the firing of clay which makes it permanently hard.Modeling the clay to be
fired by known techniques into familiar objects.Primary stimulate other inventions and
Diffusion is known as the borrowing of cultural elements from one society by
members of another.Borrowing is so common that the North American anthropologist
Ralph Linton suggested that as much as 90% of a culture is accounted for by borrowing.
The Pilgrims that settled in New Plymouth might have starved to death if it wasn't for the
Indian Squanto which showed them how to grow crops.There is a creativeness behind
the borrowing, picking and choosing from multiple possibilities.Most of these choices
are made to be compatible with the already existing culture.
Cultural loss has to do with the abandonment of some trait or practice with or
without replacement.People think of change as an accumulation of innovations: adding
new things to those that are already there.When reflected upon you come up with the
conclusion that the existence of a new innovation leads to the loss of an older one.This

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