Challenger Explosion

During the 1980's, the U.S Space Program or NASA, was becoming more and more successful.It was during this time, that many American's were taking space travel for granted and thus again tragedy struck.On January 28, 1986 the explosion of the space shuttle The Challenger accord.
It was during this time I was working for NASA and was stationed in mission control center in Houston, Texas.My crew and I were eager to get this mission on the way considering the launching had been delayed for a various amount of days.This shuttle was also very unique, considering we had a teacher on board.Many people blamed us for hurrying the launch, since we launched the challenger in 26 degree weather.I do not agree, although I would say mission control had a key role in The Challenger explosion.
This launch was fairly smooth, and many of us in Houston were relived that everything was going on schedule.It was said about a minute into the launch, a crew member radioed in and reported seeing a red flash on the computer.We at mission control were cautious in handling this problem.I was contacting other members in mission control in order to try to fix this problem.There were many people with me including the CEO of NASA and we were discussing what could be done.We didn't think long, as I looked up on the computer screen I saw a huge flame in the air.It was then clear to me and to my fellow colleagues that indeed The Challenger had exploded.
At this time, “Houston” as we were known as, was in complete chaos.I remember that half of my work were in tears, me on the other hand, I was still in total disbelief.It was rumored that the media was surrounding our NASA headquarters.Still, as we were trying to get in touch with the crew members it was evident that they did not survive the explosion.As I sat devastated, I couldn't stop thinkin

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