The Republic of Chad is located roughly in the north central part of Africa. The total populationas of 2002 consists of 8.14 million people. You can say that the country somewhat recently gained independence in 1960. Chad still seems to be coming out of over 30 years of civil war and foreign intervention though. The economy has had its ups and downs. It has had brief periods of growth followed by periods of very sharp decline. It has been said that the lack of infrastructure and the geographic remoteness has posed as impediments in the economic growth of Chad. In 1995 the government established a three-year economic reform program, which has seem to bring about positive results.
Geographic, linguistic diversity, and religious differences have presented serious obstacles in building Chad's economy. The diverse contribution of environments has played a major role in the development of an array of different life-styles and social structures. In the north, where the Sahara Desert lies, mostly nomadic societies tend to live. In the center are the semi-nomadic societies. Finally, the south consists mainly of agricultural communities. Chad also contains three of the four main African languages, which is contained within its borders. It can be said that the people of Chad do not many share many extensive cultural traits. Chad possesses three main types of religion, which would be Islam, Christianity, and the supporters of traditional African religions. These different lifestyles and religious barriers seem to intensify the ethnic divisions that occur amongst the people of Chad.
Another challenge in the midst of Chad's endless list of problems is lies between education and health care. When referring to the Word Development Indicators, illiteracy rate in 2002 among females was 62.5% and for males 24.2%. Civil war is one of the main causes in hindering primary school education in Chad. Civil war seemed to have begun back in 1960 w…

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