My second walk took place on October 9, 2000 at 1:30 p.m.This walk is a very familiar route because it is where I grew up for the past 13 years.Southeast Jamaica, Queens is where my neighborhood is located where you can find anything from corner store delis to community centers within walking distance.
My walk starts out on Guy Brewer Blvd. where there is mostly residential occupancy.The houses in this area are mostly multi family houses or apartment complexes.Located between Merrick blvd. and Union Hall street, approximately ? mile distance, there are 3 public schools including one middle school and two elementary schools.The Board of Ed. has written up the elementary school for failing to produce successful reading and math scores for students in the 3-6th grades.On Guy Brewer you can find a church on every corner you walk along.Hospitals are also close by but they are not in the immediate vicinity.South East is not much of a booming business district as some other parts of Queens, but you can find stores you need to buy the necessities.There are numerous supermarkets, Laundromats, and grocery stores.If you go 5 miles east you will find Green Acres mall and Jamaica Ave. towards the west where people in the area do they're shopping.
Black Americans and immigrants from other countries mostly populate the ethnic make up of Jamaica Queens.Rarely will you find a Hispanic, white, or Asian resident living in this neighborhood.Economically this area is diverse because in a five-block walk from 109th Ave. to Merrick blvd. you literally see the economic change in these areas.On 109th Ave. you can see the lower economic status of the residents which mostly reside in run down project houses.In contrast, along Merrick blvd. you can see that the houses and the surrounding area are in better condition than that of the 109th area.There are a wide

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