In the First Amendment to the Constitution, amongst other things it guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of association (assembly). However, everywhere you turn today there is some group trying to take some god given right away from us.Freedom of speech is a right that we, as Americans, fought long and hard for two hundred years ago.It was the idea of our founding fathers that it is every man or woman's right to say what he or she wishes without being persecuted for it.We won the war against England and in return won our freedom of speech.But how much did we really win?Is censorship a growing reality?And how has two hundred years changed the interpretation of the Constitution of the United States?I am in favor of responsible freedom of speech, however, at the rate the United States is going there just might be a time when freedom of speech is just a history lesson.
The Klu Klux Klan is planning a meeting in your neighborhood.What would you do? Attend the meeting?Rally against them? Ignore them?Try to stop them?Well if you are a firm believer in freedom of speech you could do three out of the four.The KKK has every right to be in your neighborhood and every to assemble even if it is seen un-American to the masses.Although the majority of Americans do not believe in the preaching of the Klan, no one has the right disallow expression of their beliefs.Klan members live under the same rules and regulations that we all live under.They are no different than a church choir or a Boy Scout troop.The only difference is the message they relay.
Freedom of speech also involves art expression.The world of music has always had to stand its ground against the United States Government.The 1990's were full of censorship battles between record labels and the U.S. Government.In 1992, rap artist Ice-T and his record label went to court to fight for the right to sell Ice-

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