Censorship vs First Amdendment

Censorship versus the First Amendment

Throughout the history of the United States of America, the Constitution has always been put to the test. Thefirst amendment guarantees freedom of speech and the press. The founders of the United States of America originally created thefirst amendment to allow colonists to speak out against the British. The press in the 17th century was accurate and informative with little competition among journalists. But today in the 20th century the circumstances are different and the stakes are higher. Due to an incredibly high amount of competition among journalists today, the information show to the viewers is usually exaggerated in order to capture a viewing audience.
The media is everywhere you turn. You can find the media in various forms such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and now on the information superhighway. In the process of capturing ratings, who is the media harming more? Is it people who are accused of a crime, such as O.J. Simpson, or is it the American public's stupidity for believing everything they hear? Limitations greatly need to placed upon thefirst amendment of the U.S. Constitution in regard to freedom of the press because presently the media is doing more harm than good.
The job of the media is to find the truth and tell it to the people. The media has the power to inform the public, but often the information they receive is distorted. The media has shaped our view of society and the process by which we choose our leaders, make our rules, and construct our values. The media has the power, although indirectly, to encourage people to like or hate the government. The media promotes what it believes is easiest for the public to accept, but in the process it fails to cover the issues adequately. The media can make us wiser, fuller, sure and sweeter than we are. (Orr 61) But, the media can also cloud the public's judgments, and cause confusion and disillusi…

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