Censorship of the internet

Should the state set up an agency which (somehow) blocks access the
Internet web sites which are pornographic, or which spew hatred at others
No I don't feel that the government should set up such an agency, I feel
that by doing this it violates thefirst amendment in many ways. One major
reason is because more than half the people accessing the Internet are not
from the united states and are not held under the constitution. They have no
laws about what they can and cannot see on the Internet, and it would be too
hard to try and block the traffic or filter it so that only the US Internet users
are blocked from these sites. It should also be left to the user who is using the
Internet to decide on what he or she wants to explore, as long as it doesn't
hurt anyone like it states in thefirst amendment. I feel that it would be way to
difficult to try and block those sites because there is always someone out
there who will break the rules and find a way to post his or her site containing
whatever it is the government tries to block. Plus it would be very costly to
do so, A lot of networking equipment would have to be setup around the
united states that filters these sites and puts up a firewall so that the users
cannot access it. These devices called "Wans" are very expensive.
Should there be an amendment to the constitution prohibiting the
desecration of the US flag for any reason by citizens
I feel that a legal citizen of the united states should be able to burn the
US flag if he or she decides they want to. I feel like this because that is what
the flag stands for; FREEDOM. This means that they should have the
freedom to chose whether they want to burn it or not and they should have the
right to burn it if they decide to at all. Take for example Johnson Vs. Texas,
they found that they law against him burning the flag was unconstitutional and
let him off, therefo…

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