Cell Parts

A Cell, the basic building block of life, consists of many parts. Cells are microscopic units that make up all living things, and are alive themselves. There are two types of cells, an animal and a plant cell. Plant and animal cells have different parts.
Cells have a cell membrane, a nucleus, a nuclear membrane, a nucleolus, and chromosomes. The cell membrane is what gives the cell shape and holds the cytoplasm. The cell membrane is what helps control what moves in and out of the cell. The nucleus is what controls most of the cell's activities, so in other words, it is the brain of the cell. Only eukaryotic cells have a nucleus, prokaryotic cells don't. Like a human brain determines how and when your body will move, the nucleus determines how and when proteins will be made. The nucleus also passes traits from parents to offspring. The nucleolus or nucleoli is the cell part that helps make ribosomes.Cells have more than one nucleolus and it is found inside the nucleus. Lastly, the chromosomes are cell parts with information that determines what traits a living thing will have. They are thread like structures that are also found inside the nucleus. These parts can be found in both a plant and animal cell.
The cytoplasm is also found in both plant and animal cells. The cytoplasm is the clear jellylike material found between the cell membrane and the nucleus. It is what makes up most of the cell and it is where most of the cells chemical reactions take place. The cytoplasm can be compared to fruit in gelatin or jello. The gelatin would be the cytoplasm and the fruit set inside the gelatin are the several cell parts that are found in the cytoplasm.
There are many cell parts inside the cytoplasm, but not all are in both plant and animal cells. In both plant and animal cells you can find vesicles, ribosomes, the endoplasmic reticulum, the mitochondria, and the golgi complex or apparatus. The vesicles are what help mo

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