Celiac Sprue

The absorption of food nutrients through the small intestine is a condition known as celiac Sprue.The intestine is impaired because of an immune reaction to gluten which is a protein found in wheat or other grains that is in much food that people eat.Celiac sprue is generally reversible once certain grains are removed from the diet. The condition is seen in people from all over the world.
The small intestine is affected because the inner lining has fingerlike projections called villa. The villa help to increase the amount of surface available for the absorption and digestion of nutrients.In the celiac sprue there is a flattening of the surface and a loss of the normal villa. This leads to a decrease in the amount of absorption of nutrients. Also the enzymes which are normally present in the lining cells of the intestine are diminished which impairs digestion.
The symptoms of sprue vary according to the severity and extent of the disease. Symptoms can become apparent during childhood but often disappear during adolescence. They can also reappear in early adult life, usually during the third and fourth decades.If the disease becomes severe it may be associated with dehydration and mineral losses.Weight loss is common, resulting from lack of absorption of nutrients.Occasionally, weight loss may not occur because patients sometimes have extremely large appetites.Because of the lack of absorption of the nutrients, and vitamins patients can develop anemia and easy bruising.Anemia results from lack of iron and folate. Both substances are important for the forming of red blood cells.Thinning and weakness of bones can also occur from lack of calcium and vitamin D.
A diagnosis of celiac spruce is usually not apparent, in many instances the physical examination of the patient is normal.The diagnosis is considered in patients with diarrhea and weight loss.Signs of weight loss may be apparent and patients may become p…

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