causes and effects of smog

Smog is just fog that has been polluted by hydroscopic nuclei, which contains chemicals and fumes.This makes the fog thicker and denser as there are far more particles.
The atmospheric hydrocarbons from human activity account for only 15% of the total, but the effect they have is great because of where they are released – in urban areas. The biggest emitter of hydrocarbons is from car engines.
As chemical reactions continue, the levels of ozone rise. Small molecules combine to form larger molecules and eventually tiny particles. These particles and the brown colour of nitrogen dioxide give the smog its characteristic look.
Smog can stay for a long time.It reduces incoming solar radiation.
There are many problems that smog cause.These include medical problems such as Asthma and eye and skin irritations.This could be a long-term effect if it's not treated.Asthma will most likely be a long-term effect.Visibility is going to be very difficult if smog is going to be there for a few days.This means that it will be impossible for people to drive their cars.This could cause even more problems because it means that people can't travel to work. This means that people will have loss of earnings.They won't be able to travel to their place of work and so will have to stay at home.Other effects could be that everyday living slows down, this is because transport won't be running, people won't be able to go to work, this means that shops etc will not be open, this could cause people to run out of food.These are all knock on effects of smog.
There are many ways in which smog can be reduced.These solutions include using filters on chimneys so then there aren't as many gases going into the atmosphere.People could walk or use bikes rather that use their car all of the time. This would reduce the amount of car fumes polluting the earth.If industry is built away from people and homes the…

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