Causes and Effects of alcohol and marijuana use

Most all of us have been there, a Friday night, the end of a school week, looking for somewhere to go and something to do, when the phone rings…………"Hey, I heard about this party going on why don't you go with me". You, having been looking for something to do, eagerly oblige. You arrive at the party and are met with a barrage of beer, hard liquor, and drugs. What do you do? If you're me, you turn everything down, due to the fact that your hardcore straight edge. But what if you don't turn it down? Before you take that drink or take a hit off of that doob, consider this………….
Alcohol is one of the most widely used mood altering substances on the market. According to Willamette University, Thirteen percent of male and five percent of female college students nationwide are alcoholics. Many people associate drinking with social environments. Why? This is because alcohol takes the "edge" off and allows one to relax. It allows someone to let go and enjoy ones self around others. Another attraction is that drinking allows one to unwind and temporarily separate themselves from the demands of life. What people don't think about is how this can affect them in the long run. A major effect of alcohol is impaired judgment. This can lead to severe consequences. Not only car accidents and other bad decisions, but long term alcohol abuse can cause cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure and can increase the risk of breast cancer in women. People develop a high tolerance to alcohol when they drink a great deal over an extended length of time, which means that you need more for a buzz. More alcohol means more money.
Another common fancy among those who frequent parties is Marijuana. Marijuana is commonly smoked. Those who smoke marijuana may experience a feeling of euphoria, which tends to make those who use marijuana talk and laugh more than usual. Colors, sounds, and tastes become more plea…

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