Cause and Effect of Java Progr

It is the nature of human nature that problems will arise and it is commonplace for solutions to be created from these problems. With the advent of the 1990's computer enthusiasts and programmers alike began to embrace a new innovation, the internet. As the internet grew in popularity a problem emerged, the bandwidth (size of a communications channel, e.g. 56k modem) available wasn't large enough to retrieve big packets of data from the internet. Therefore web-sites, mobile phones and interactive television, to name a few, were all very limited in what they could do. To solve this problem, a group of engineers at Sun Microsystems developed a language they called'Oak'; now known as Java which is object-oriented, secure, small and platform independent; it became the perfect language for the internet and our new fast-paced lifestyles.
In the days before Java there were many popular programming languages; Basic, FORTRAN and Assembly to name a few. Although these languages were popular, the most popular and widely used language was C. C was used to write operating systems (The operating system is the program that manages a computer’s resources., e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac OS.) and almost all other programs. Many programmers would religiously protest C as the perfect programming language. It combined the best elements of low-level assembly language as well as higher-level languages into a programming language that fits
computer architecture. It was liked by its programmers. Even though C was extremely popular, it wasn;t perfect by any means and as languages before it, C ran into its fair share of problems.
As C programs grow larger they become more unwieldy, an error in the last line of code could negatively effect thefirst line of code, so programmers had to keep the whole program in mind while coding, as opposed to focusing on certain aspects of a program. A solution t

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