Cause and Effect: How a Hen Lays an Egg

"How a Hen Lays an Egg"

Hens lay eggs in a series, but never more than one per day.Sometimes this series can last up to 30 days or more.As this begins, the hen lays her egg in the morning and each day it happens a little later.If an egg is laid in the afternoon, the hen takes the next day off.This ends the series of eggs being laid.The daily process of the hen laying her egg usually finishes within half a minute, but has many exhausting steps.
First, the hen approaches her nest in a very hesitant way; then enters.There, she quietly sits, almost as if she were asleep.Now and then she raises her tail and spreads her feathers.This often lasts half an hour or more.As she gets excited, these movements increase.
Next, the hen stands up on her feet, legs spread far apart, tail raised, and back feathers upright. Under her tail is a small horizontal slit, called a vent, which begins to open.As the vent widens, a red membrane becomes noticeable.As the hen lowers her bottom, the vent opens rapidly and"the membrane forms a pinkish dome around the egg which is not noticeable at this time".Through the wide-open vent, pink tissue containing blood vessels protrudes out.A new opening forms and the egg starts to appear as a light colored disk.While the hen strains and the egg comes further out, the membrane forms a red collar around the middle of the egg. As a result of this tiresome work, the egg pops out; either blunt or pointed endfirst.A small red cone remains outside the vent for a few seconds after the egg is laid, but is retracted almost immediately, and the vent closes.Panting, the hen stands above the egg and rests for a moment.
Beyond laying the egg, a commercial hen will look back and inspect it with her beak.Afterwards, she leaves the nest and goes about her usual business eating and drinking, forgetting about the egg.As the egg cools to below 4…

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