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When a child grows up he wants to live up to his parent’s expectations. Sometimes when he fails to meet those expectations he gets discouraged and feels that he has let his parents down. As the child grows he feels that he needs to do the best he can. If he fails to meet the standard he has set, how could his parents be happy with him?
Little children will do most things that their parents want them to. Little kids love to help out their parents. As they grow, they in some way want to impress their parents by achieving some great accomplishment, maybe something that could never be reached by someone of his age. They have set their standards so high that it is a big let down to them when they have not reached their goals. Sometimes they may want it so much they work until they get sick or start to drive people away from them. People start expecting a lot from themselves when it seems so simple. When they fail it hurts so much that they will not quit until that goal is met. Sometimes it is best for them to rethink a goal before it becomes too far out of reach that it will not matter if they achieve it or not.
Parents sometimes expect a lot from their kids. They may want something for their child that they forget to ask the child if they want it. Then in the process the child doesn’t meet what the parent wants and the parent may then tell the child to keep trying. The child may not want what they thought of getting from achieving their goal and may want to quit. The child then becomes angered by his parents’ constant interference and starts to set himself apart. Pushing to the breaking point is not exactly helping the child, and sometimes it has a reverse effect. The parents need to see that when the child loses interest in something it is no longer fun for them. Instead, the parents should encourage them to find something that interests them and to strive for a reachable goal.
At times it is difficult to know when the goal is u

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