Drug Legalization


Eliot Marshall once said "The discovery and invention of substances that change the way we feel and behave are among man's special accomplishments".Man has been given the ability to alter… More

Drug Abuse2


Drug use among teenagers seems to be on the rise.Marijuana is almost commonplace among kids my age.Many of my friends have tried, or are involved with drugs and I never… More

Drug Abuse


Drug use is generally defined as the use of a drug on a consistent basis which can have physical or mental effects or can impair a person's social abilities. The… More

Driving While Black: Highways, Shopping, Malls, Taxicabs, an


Mikal Muharrar, of Extra! defines racial profiling as the discriminatory practice by police of treating blackness or brownness as an indication of possible criminality. Which in fact, has lately been… More

Driving Policy For Elderly


Picture this in your mind.It's a beautiful sunny day in the middle of nowhere, and there's not a single city or town for miles.It's a straight road that leads passed… More

driving forces for KFC


What forces are driving change in the industry? The forces that are driving change in the industry are, the entry of Boston Market and Chick-fil-A's and other companies with different… More

driving drunk


Drunk Driving is becoming a major concern in our society today. Drunk driving isnot a funny thing. It has killed many people and ruined the lives of many others.There are… More

Driving Age


Turning the age of sixteen is a huge step in the life of a teen.When becoming the age of sixteen a new challenge is brought into a person's life, the… More

drinking problem


How do you tell if someone has a drinking problem?It is often a judgment made after assessing the persons drinking habits, how much and when, the effect on him emotionally… More

Drinking At 18


Should the legal drinking age be 21 as it is right now, or should it be lowered as it once was to 18? It used to be 18 before the… More


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