Is Anbortion Wrong or Right


Is Abortion Wrong or Right? Choosing this topic was very easy for me.There is one thing I will always disagree with and that is abortion. Would you choose to be… More

Is Airport Security a Federal Problem


The articles chosen for this assignment have been written to inform the U.S. citizens that there is an aviation-security bill being debated.The aviation-security bill would help to ensure a persons… More

Is Abortion Right


Abortion is one of the greatest subjects of controversy inAmerica. Some people, who are generally called pro-choice, think that a woman should have the "right" to choose whether or not… More

Is abortion protected by the Constitution


If one were to read the U.S. Constitution in its entirety and then be asked if abortion was protected by the Constitution with no prior knowledge or influence concerning the… More

Is Abortion Immoral


Abortion is a very touchy subject with many people. Have you ever driven past Planned Parenthood and see the people protesting abortion by showing pictures of dead babies. I choose… More

Is a Prison Really Good For a


Is a Prison Really Good For a Rural Community? With a dramatic increase of crimes throughout the US one question that comes up is, where do we put all these… More

Irqui sitution end of 2002


Yes, there is little question that Saddam Hussein is no Martin Luther King, Jr.; no question that he is no Ghandi, no doubt that he has subjugated many millions of… More

Irish Colonization


Since the 16th century, the British colonization of Ireland has been a central problem in Irish history. Colonialism has been defined as the direct polical control of one country or… More

Iraqs problems


The topic I choose was Iraq and its past and still ongoing problems with the United Nations.The reason I choose this topic as oppose to another topic is war and… More

Iraqi Prisoner Abuse


Prisoner abuse seems like it is becoming a common tactic in the war in Iraq today.Our soldiers and American people have been terrorized and abused by Iraqi soldiers.And, we have… More


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