Poem Analysis: Lady of Shalott


Modern critics[citation needed] consider “The Lady of Shalott” to be representative of the dilemma that faces artists, writers, andmusicians: to create work about and celebrate the world, or to enjoy… More

Canada as a 51st State


Lately, living in Canada it is becoming clearer that our border with the United States seems to be vanishing.We have as a country always tried to stay independent and to… More

Lady of Shalott Condradictions Analysis


The Lady of Shallot is a story written by Alfred Tennyson and published in 1842. This poem is superb because of it’s elusiveness and sense of mystery. However, because of… More

Lady of Shalott


Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shalott”, is a poem that has four parts to it, it tells the story of a Lady that is cursed and imprisoned on the island of… More

Canada and Colombia: A Comparison.


The global village's idea supposes integration and similar development for the entire world; however, there are a lot of differences among the two hundred countries which the planet has.There is… More

Enjoying “The Lady of Shalott” by Alfred Tennyson


The Lady sees ordinary people, loving couples, and knights in pairs reflected in her mirror. One day, she sees the reflection of Sir Lancelot riding alone. Although she knows that… More



For decades, academics and political leaders have analyzed existing electoral systems and, consequently, argued about the optimal way to translate votes into seats in the most democratic fashion. Increasing legitimacy… More

The Lady of Shalott: Critique


Wright starts her critique with the Lady’s tapestry which as she points out has been removed from reality three times. The Lady has been cursed to die if ever she… More

Can we legalize Marihuana


I am going to write about the cause and effects on the use of marihuana. A lot of people use marihuana and they don't realize that they are making damage… More

Analysis of ‘The Lady of Shalott’


In part two Tennyson eepens the reader’s understanding of the lady and her situation, using morbid imagery and oxymoronic devices. Tennyson focuses the reader on Lancelot in part three by… More


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