Compare Saki’s the Open Window to Shirler Jackson’s Charles


One day I had an argument with my mum and I decided to leave home and then live my friends so I could have my peace. felt sick one day… More

Canadian Federalism Threatened


The Issues of Quebec Nationalism and Regionalism The Issues of Quebec Nationalism and Regionalism When it was itfirst conceived in 1867, Canada was founded as a state that would create… More

Charles and the Open Window


Even though her own son’s behavior changes when he enters kindergarten, she chalks this up to Charles’s influence. During his first month of kindergarten Laurie transforms from a nursery school… More

Canadian Elections


The year 2000 Canadian elections.This paper is an argument on all sides of each member's party platform.I will argue out each platform, and finally come to an educated decision.To for… More

Jealousy in the Open Window by Saki


Starting from her childhood, she is an ttention-starved individual who seeks love and recognition from her parents. Her loneliness is filled by her aunt warm love and attention. It’s suspected… More

Canadian Dollar Fluctuations


 The Canadian dollar has declined by over thirty percent versus the United States dollar,since it was at its highest in 1970. The reason for this is mainly the following… More

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration and the War on Drugs


It is hard to believe that something like this could still e going on, but it is. Today in the era of “colorblindness”, the system of mass incarceration has emerged… More

The New Jim Crow


The New Press operates in the public interest rather than for private gain, and is committed to publishing, in innovative ways. works of educational, cultural, and community value that are… More

Canadas global challenge in the 21st century


In my opinion, Canada's global challenge in the twenty- first century is to maintain or better its standard of living. Maintaining a good standard of living will help Canada retain… More

Literature Review: The New Jim Crow


That minorities, especially African-Americans, were using their race and situation o justify their poor choices. After reading The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander I must admit that my opinion… More


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