The United States Supreme Court of 2004


The United States Supreme Court, the highest federal court, is made up of nine judges. The judges are nominated by the President, confirmed by the Senate and appointed for life.The… More

Synthesis on Race and Ethnicity


With the commencement of the millennium one might think that what is known as the melting pot of the world would interact more smoothly than what is portrayed in the… More



In 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Company building went up in flames, and one hundred and forty six young female workers' lives came to an end.The New York legislature was forced… More



These vehicles are stylish to have, but how safe are they to the public?The Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is supposed of as one of the safest vehicles on the road… More

sustained development


The term "sustained development" was usedfirst time in 1983, when United Nations made a special report titled "Our future". The idea of this development is rather simple and clear –… More

Susan Faludi


Susan Faludi and BacklashI AM NOT A BARBIE DOLL.Before you even start reading, these capital letters catch your eye.To add more, she tells us it was held up by a… More

survey methods


Survey research is essential in almost every line of work.Every major field of education has a method of researching.Even though every educational field is different, the patterns they follow to… More

Surrogate Mothering


Motherhood – Nine Months vs. A Lifetime “You’re about ten meters dilated…it’s time to push!” You grab hold onto your husband’s hand a little tighter. Take a deep breath…and the… More

Surrogate Motherhood


Since surrogate motherhood was the only topic that "hit home" for me, I decided to explore it in this paper. The medical and legal background on Surrogacy Webster's Medical Dictionary… More

Supreme Law


For over two centuries, the American Constitution established the foundation of democratic government. It can undoubtedly be considered the strongest and longest lasting piece of document in the history of… More


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