The Chemistry of Photography


Joseph-Nicephore Niepce took he word'sfirst photographs in 1824.Many people don't know that he was the person who invented photography; they think that a Frenchman named Daguerre was the inventor but… More

The Chemistry of Human Physiology: Respiration


Respiration is the process by which oxygen is delivered to cells and body systems for use. It consists of levels, several of which are breathing, internal respiration, and external respiration…. More

The chemical history of the candle


After reading this novel I found out that Michael Faraday conducted many experiments that I read in my eighth grade science books.Faraday pioneered many scientific facts that are known and… More

The Changing Earth


Erosion is the transportation of weathered pieces of bedrock through the agents of wind, water (rivers and ice), and gravity. As mountains are built up by tectonic forces, they are… More

The Challenger


As the 1980’s approached, the launch of a space shuttle was almost as routine as a trip on an airliner.Space travel had been successful on 24 missions.Most people thought the… More

The Challenge of Abortion


Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Mifepristone, Roe vs. Wade and abortion are all terms that provoke a controversy no matter where they are used.Abortion has long been an issue face by health care… More

The Causes of Tsunami


As the earth begins to tremble many fear the troubles ahead.Waves are suddenly being formed and the people of the west coast are immediately alerted.What could this be?This is a… More

The Cattle


The cattle are domesticatedherbivorous mammals that constitute the genus Bos, of the family Bovidae.The cattle are of great importance to humans because of the milk, meat, leather, gelatin, glue, hides… More

The Catcher in the Rye


Ever since the publication in 1951, J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye has served as the firestorm for controversy and debate. This book is a graphic depiction of the… More

The Carl Jung Analysis: Exploration of Consciousness


Carl Jung: An Exploration with Unconsciousness It is quite interesting to scientifically, especially psychologically, define people's characteristics, which are usually concoctions of intrinsic influences and extrinsic ones, such as self-reliance,… More


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