Adieu Cuba


les forces révolutionnaires M26 de Fidel Castro et d’Ernesto “Che” Guevara se préparent à marcher sur La Havane.Alors que les troubles agitent l’île, Fico Fellove dirige son club, El Tropico…. More

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Si vous voulez bénéficier de cette offre, allez dans votre station d’autoroute SHELL Offre valable du 1 er mai au 31 juilllet 2006 Achetez le produit porteur de l’offre de… More

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Raphaella de Mornay-Malle grew up in the sheltered world of the Mediterranean aristocracy under the careful tutelage of her stern father and her dutiful duennas. Raphaella ?? mornay – malle… More

A Maker of History – Chapter 8


DUNCOMBE’S “HOLD-UP” : The amber wine fell in a little wavering stream from his upraised glass on to the table-cloth below. He leaned back in his chair and gazed at… More

A Maker of History – Chapter 7


THE DECOY-HOUSE OF EUROPE : Spencer wrote out his luncheon with the extreme care of the man to whom eating has passed to its proper place amongst the arts, and… More

A Maker of History – Chapter 6


THE VANISHING LADY : At precisely half-past nine on the following evening Duncombe alighted from his _petite voiture_ in the courtyard of the Grand Hotel, and making his way into… More

A Maker of History – Chapter 5


LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: “I am asking a great deal of you, George! I know it. But you see howhelpless I am–and read the letter–read it for yourself.” He passed… More

A Maker of History-chapter 4


THE FALLING OF THE HANDKERCHIEF: Monsieur Albert looked over her shoulder for the man who must surely bein attendance–but he looked in vain. “Mademoiselle wishes a table–for herself alone!” he… More

A Maker of History – Chapter 3


“Mademoiselle,” the young man said, with an air of somewhat weary politeness, “I regret to say that there is nothing more to be done!” He was grieved and polite because… More



Exactly a week later, at five minutes after midnight, Guy Poynton, in evening dress, entered the Cafe Montmartre, in Paris. He made his way through the heterogeneous little crowd of… More


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