Categorical Imperative Command

Categorical Imperative commands state an act only on
that maxim which you can at the same time will to a
universal law. In other words an act that should be
followed only if people will follow it. If you jumped
off a bridge, think if everyone would do the same and
it would become socially accepted. It states an
interesting point if you think many of todays and the
past legislature was in fact developed this way. Toss
the people an idea and see if they follow it through
time changing it to better accommodate the people and
the views at the time. The bible was established based
on the Ten Commandments a bunch of thoughts on how
life should be lived by a form of rule structure in
plain view. The people took on these rules and passed
them on to eventually adapt to what’s right. So when
deciding most decisions one would think if the world
would follow and if it would form into a solid ethic.
The problem is every social structure from New Jersey
to California from South America to Africa runs on a
very different structure. Therefore, who is to say
witch groups methods are the right ones to do. In
Japan, it is customary to take off one’s shoes when
eating and in India the cow is sacred. Rules are
developed differently as wide of a range as through a
country or perhaps a county or even as small as a
So how do you differentiate everyone’s actions to
dissect and arrive to the final answer of what is
right. In addition, this rule does not seem to focus
on what is right at all but what is socially accepted.
In world war two, it was accepted to ridicule Jews
everyone around you did it but did it make it right.
It follows the rule to do what you think everyone
around would do. So there are flaws within the rule
that if one would follow it could lead to disaster
depending on who exactly you are modeling after. One
thing human’s do from birth is follow or model after
others. Whether it is your favorite cartoo…

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