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Of course we don't remember when wefirst rolled over, sat up, crawled, or walked.But our parents remember them like it was yesterday.My mom always called me the lazy child.I did everything after my sisters.For example, rolling over, Ifirst did that at the age of 5 months.As for sitting up, that was done at 7 months.Crawling wasn't till 7 months either.And the only reason I am called the lazy one in the family, is because I started walking at the age of 1 year.
My motor skills now are nothing but moving around now.I've turned out to be very athletic.In my middle school I was in all four sports for 7th and 8th grade, volleyball, basketball, track and tennis.In high school I could only continue one of those sports and I chose tennis.I love being the way I am now.Being athletic has kept me in great shape, and that is a good feeling.
Who can ever forget a child'sfirst sound, word, or sentence?No one can. My parent's don't quite remember when I made myfirst sound, but myfirst word came out of my mouth when I was 18 months.It was mama or mom.It varied each time.Then soon enough I got the hang of daddy after it was said to me 100 times each day.My sentences were kind of off as a child, my parent's say I had myfirst complete sentence at two years, when I started to go to school.I was a quiet baby, in their words.
My language skills now are much better.I am very talkative and people know and always do come to me with problems because they know I will help them in anyway possible.People know who I am because of how talkative I am.I'm real friendly and know how to approach people.That's one thing I inherited from dad, good language and talking skills.
Remembering things as a baby is kind of difficult.I started to recognize colors, numbers and shapes at the age of two or s

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