Case Study 3: Stacy

The case study reviewed for this essay is a perfect example of how detailed Erikson's theory and Marcia's additional advancements apply to identity formation. Stacy, the subject of this case study provides us with a personal written supplement of her struggles and goals during her adolescent and young adulthood. Stacy's ongoing struggle through college to define herself as a successful student as well as a social activist and as well as a follower of God portrays the theory of identity formation almost indefinitely. Throughout her autobiography we can clearly make assumption as to when she enters specific stages of development.
From the very beginning Stacy portrays herself as an overachiever. She is driven by a strong personal sense that was built by the words and teachings of those close to her during her early development. She stays committed to her goals through junior high school and high school fighting against whatever negative input she receives as she begins to rely on support from her mother and boyfriend. These special relationships connect with Marcia's expansions on the theory of identity formation. Stacy is still young during this time of her life, and has yet to create an identity for herself. Being unaware of such existential concepts but fully committed to something such as her academic studies indicated Stacy's status as a foreclosure subject. Although Stacy seems to be a success in school, her personal development is yet to be fully realized as quoted from Marcia's Expansion: "The foreclosure subject has not yet experienced an identity crisis/exploration but has made definite comm!
itment to goals, values, and beliefs… However, the commitments that emerge- in contrast to the commitments of identity achievement- are not the result of any truly personal searching and exploring." . The difficulties and battles Stacy undertakes in school aren't connected with her person…

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