Carol P. Christ, Why Women Need the Goddess

Carol P. Christ explains the effect symbols have on females.She claims the symbol of a female Goddess does much in the way of helping women overcome their feelings of shame and doubt towards their own body and soul.Christ says the symbol of the male God undermines women deeply, and it hinders them from growth because they feel subconsciously they are not worthy.Christ has some interesting points about the symbolism, but it mostly sounds like excuses for women's behavior.
The idea Christ has about how symbols effect the subconscious is interesting.She says the male God of Judaism and Christianity serves as a symbol that degrades the female psyche.It is easy to conceptualize the idea and the effect, however, just because the concept makes sense does not mean it actually happens in such a manner.Many women do not feel inferior because of the idea of a male God.They understand God is many things, and is never only one.Christ makes a very true point when she tells that religion has a strong hold on the deep psyches.However, when she says, "Feminists cannot afford to leave religion in the hands of the father," she makes an eccentric notation for an eccentric group.It may be accurate that the concept of a male God offends and thus deeply wounds Feminist groups, but they cannot compromise their fate in heaven because of a conception they have towards men.Women must realize the vital role they play in the human race, and accept God as he is, rather than changing him to please their self-conscious nature.If that were the case we would have a Beergod, Sexgod, and any other desire based God the imperfect could conceive.The Feminist groups must seek growth to erect their problem of men and move forward in life as ordinary citizens.
As Christ explains the Goddess, and the gift women receive from her, it is understandable if such feelings were present.Some women may benefit to some degree psychological…

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