When you think about all the countries in the world, it is quite difficult to decide on one particular favorite.There are just so many great nations, great people, and great cultures.But one country that has really captured my attention has to be the great island of Martinique in the Caribbean.A beautiful place to be sitting under the shade drinking a cold glass of lemonade.Martinique is roughly six times the size of our Washington D.C.This island was colonized by France in 1635 and basically remained under French rule until today.The capital and their largest city is Fort-de-France.When France inhabited Martinique, its sole purpose was to put slaves to work on its sugar plantations.Still today, sugar cane and agriculture are the integral part of this country's economy.That's why African and African mixtures make up 95% of Martinique's population.While whites only makes 5% of the population.And I will guarantee you that it is the minority that is ruling
the majority.Everything is runned by the French Government, I personally don't like the idea of being ruled by a country that is thousands of mile away.Their president is Jacques Chirac and Martinique has only two chairs in the French Senate.The island basically has no power in senate.
No matter what time you might visit Martinique, it has beautiful weather all year round.It has that tropical climate that is governed by the trade winds.The average temperature on the island is about 84 degrees.The only things that you have to worry about other than the humidity are hurricanes, which comes on an average of eight years.Martinique is subject to a lot of flooding during its rainy season from June to about October.The last hazard has to be dormant volcano, Mount Pelee.Mount Pelee is also their highest point at 1,397m.Martinique is relative a safe place, only averaging about one natural disaste

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