In class we have just completed Milton Mayeroff book On Caring.Mayeroff discusses many of life's philosophies, and the meaning and importance of caring as well as being cared for.He deals with peoples basic morals towards caring and being cared for in many situations.Caring is "feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others." (Encarta "99").I feel that caring is being able to be honest, trust, and also being able to stay strong with courage.All these aspects play a large role in a person growth over years with their family, and friends as well as associates.Caring is often taken for granted, but Mayeroff clearly defines the true meaning of caring in his book.He really makes you recognize who in your life has played a serious role, and how you know if you are truly caring for another.
In Mayeroffs book he writes on over thirty topics of caring.I have chosen five topics that I feel are the most significant in his book On Caring.First I believe that honesty is the core essential in caring for another."Honesty is present in caring as something positive, and not as a matter of not doing something, not telling lies of not deliberately deceiving others." Mayeroff (p.g. 25).The only way to be able to build a solid relationship with another person is to be honest.I feel that this is necessary in a relationship; if you are not honest you will not only cheat yourself but others as well.The truth hurts but it is always better to deal with the truth then to be deceived and have to learn how other people deal in stressful situations.I feel personally that this is the core essential ingredient in a caring relationship."Honesty is the best policy" Mayeroff (p.g. 26).
The second aspect of caring I want to deal with is trust, and how I feel it relates to one of the five major aspect of caring."Caring involves trusting the other to grow in its own time and in i…

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