Carbon Fiber

Many materials that are found naturally on the earth are very strong and have lasted the test of time.Some examples of the stronger materials are wood, rope, and stone.However, they don't come close to the strengths of man-made materials. There are also many other benefits to man-made materials than natural materials such as weight and styles.The main material that I will be focusing on began in the 1930's as fiberglass and now has developed into a lightweight composite known as carbon fiber.Producing this man-made composite is not very complicated compared to the processes of others.There are many uses for this somewhat new material and they come into parts of our everyday life.The expense of carbon fiber is also relatively cheap compared to other similar strength materials.
The main technique of making carbon fiber starts off with the polymer polyacrylonitrile.Once this is heated up enough times which is usually four times it starts to form the beginnings of carbon fiber.Each time that the polyacrylonitrile is heated up it will lose nitrogen atoms until there is almost none left and only carbon in a graphite form is remaining.The final product looks like ribbons and that is why it called carbon fiber. These ribbons are used by combining them together to make a large unit of carbon fiber. (
The uses for carbon fiber are almost endless.Some of the most common uses are bike frames, golf club shafts, and baseball bats.One of the main reasons that carbon fiber is used for sporting goods is lightweight and high strength of the material.As in the case of bicycle frames, a faster bike needs to be very light.If steel was used it would weigh too much and slow down the biker.When it is used in golf clubs the carbon fiber keeps the shaft very light and also it is more flexible than steel.So, this will make a longer shot.There is a use for it in

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