Carbohydrates are present in sugars, starch, acids, and in many other nutrients that consist elements of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.Having a ratio of 1: 2: 1 or written as CH20.A monosaccharide meaning monomer of sugar is a “simple” carbohydrate.Containing backbone of five carbon atoms that are present in ribose and deoxyribose, components of RNA and DNA.Glucose a six carbon atom that is common cellulose, starch, and glycogen are classified as polysaccharide, Known as a “complex” carbohydrate, with straight or branched chains of many sugar monomers. These categories of carbohydrates are tested in two laboratory experiments.It will allow us (my partner and I) to detect the presence of sugar or starch.Thefirst test, using two different solutions to expose the presence of sugar or starch by color alteration.I hypothesize that both samples of the experiment will result differently in order to pursue the next test.The second test consists of 9 food items, identifying the appearance of sugar or starch.I guess in identifying 75% out of the 9 items right.Conducting both experiments will test my hypotheses either right or wrong.
Thefirst experiment on ?°simple?± and ?°complex?± carbohydrates, several tools and liquids were obtained: two test tubes, spot plate, test tube holder, benedicts reagent, lugol’s iodine, 10% karo syrup solution, 1% starch solution. In a test tube (holding it with a test tube holder,) my partner fills 1 cm from the bottom of 10% karo syrup solution.With the benedicts reagent I gently add four drops, then quickly placed the tube in 98 degrees of boiling water, at 3:17p.m.While waiting for 3 minutes, we noticed that before placing the tube in the boiling water, the benedict reagent in the 10% karo syrup was blue.After heating, we observed at 3:20 p.m. that the benedict solution activated and turned yellow.Which meant that sugar (simple carbohydrate) was present in th

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