Carbohydrates in Society

Among the common fads and trends our society has seen in the past few years, a rather unlikely one would be that of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide our bodies with our basic source of energy to carry on day-to-day functions. Americans seem to be fascinated by the role that they play in our diets and the impact that they have on the body.
What exactly is a carbohydrate? It is defined as "1. Any various compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen such as sugar and starch." All living organisms use carbohydrates as a fuel for energy. To obtain such, as humans we get our carbohydrates from eating foods such as breads, pastas, fruits and vegetables. Our bodies then digest the food and then convert it to glucose C6H12O6. In cellular respiration, cells take the energy that is stored in glucose molecules. The skeleton left behind is used for the synthesis of other molecules like amino acids and fatty acids.
Carbohydrates are organized into three different groups, Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, and Polysaccharides. You might ask, "What is the difference? Isn't a carbohydrate a carbohydrate?" Each one is composed of glucose, but the amounts of glucose are completely different in each one. A Monosaccharide is made from a single glucose molecule. Disaccharides are formed from the linkage of two Monosaccharides. Finally, Polysaccharides are a product of a few hundred to a few thousand Monosaccharides linked together. Often, Polysaccharides are used for protecting a cell. Another common function for a Polysaccharide is that of storage. For storage, plants produce Starch, another form of a carbohydrate.
Dr. Robert Atkinson famous for his book, Dr. Atkinson's New Diet Revolution, has sold millions of copies based on his world-renowned diet. He takes the ideas of low carbohydrates in place of low fats and calories, and incorporates high proteins and nutrients for a winning combination that has worked …

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