Capitol Punishment

Capitol Punishment the Unsuccessful Deterrent
The never ending debate on capital punishment has many arguments, and issues within it's self. Every one has their opinion, whether capital punishment is good or bad, another issue to be pondered and discussed is whether the death penalty deters crime. After doing some research myself I've come to the arguing side of no; the death penalty doesn't deter crime. In my view, capital punishment is wrong; there's no real strong statistics that capital punishment actually prevents crime. I don't disagree with the fact execution puts executed murders out of action. But if a murderer is condemned to the death penalty, then is he still a danger to society while waiting his death sentence? Imprisonment without opportunity of parole is just as even debilitating.
Capital punishment adversaries argue that the deterrent effects of the death penalty are not very strong, disputing that a small number of murderers realistically consider the possibility that they may be confronted with the death penalty before they actually carry out the crime. Rutgers Law School professor, Sherry F. Colb states, "if a would-be killer is weighing the consequences of his actions, he can anticipate with some confidence that death is highly unlikely, particularly in the immediate future" ( Contrary to much belief, research actually reveals that the death penalty may be a cause to the increase number of homicides. As indicated by the FBI's Preliminary Uniform Crime Report for 2003, murder rates in the South increased by 1.8%, whereas the murder rates in the Northeast have increased by 4.3%. Interestingly, the South accounts for 82% of all capital punishment executions since 1976; the Northeast accounts for less than 1% ( This statistic gives solid evidence that the death pe

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