Capitalism’s destrucrion of america

Capitalism;s Destruction of America
The idea of Capitalism in America is good in theory but when it is used it destroys the true meaning of America as said by the fore fathers of the country.Capitalism can be seen to be bringing a lot of people to the poorhouse and many businesses to a halt.Small businesses are on the decline in America because of the ruin that faces most of those businesses, which is a result of capitalism at its worst. Capitalism is for big business and there isn;t another alternative to run a business that would let someone prosper in America. Outrageous taxation and prices are being put on products that shouldn;t be put on those products. Capitalism says that it is all right to be greedy and encourages greed, which is a path to evil. The effects of bad capitalism can even be seen at Southern Illinois University in the way that the university runs certain parts of its campus. Many people and businesses are being destroyed in the U.S.A. because of the greed that capitalism breeds.
Capitalism has put small business owners and the independent farmers of America into the poorhouse and forced them to do something else that they never planned for. Stores that buy goods in bulk are running private businesses out of business. Discount stores can get their products for cheaper because they have the ability to by much more of that one product at one time. Small businesses are never given that same opportunity, so how is it that they can compete with these discount giants.The owners of Americas farmlands are now forced to sell their land because other corporations are producing their products with more advanced technology that most farmers are not able to get because they don;t make enough money to buy these much needed devices. When this happens to the majority of the population of small business and farm owners they are forced to join the general working population. The nations leaders should f…

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