Capitalism and Government Spending

When economic times are good it is easy for many of us to forget the important part government has played in these economic game. In times of economic crisis many people look to government for assistance, many times blaming it for not being more involved before the crisis occurred. I feel in these food times it is important to realize "it is a bold man who would claim that we would be further ahead in the development and peaceful application of nuclear techniques, electronics, jet propulsion, agricultural husbandry, and disease prevention and control if during the past decade the government had not supported, directly and indirectly, a costly and commercially unsupportable research and development and instead had allowed private spending its head; or that bright people with advanced professional training would be more plentiful if education had been rationed by a full-cost price." (Bator, 1960, p. 107) there are a number of programs that simply would not exist if it were not for the government, and some that would exist but members of society agree wold be unfair. These programs seem necessary for any type of long term growth. Such things as the public education system, national parks, medical research and regulation, and the implementation " environment friendly" guidelines are obviously a few elements in the realm of what our society feels should be supported or regulated by government and for good cause. "It makes eminent sense to use markets wherever profit-guided allocation can be counted on not to go wrong." (Bator, 1960, p. 109) But where this profit-guided market would go wrong we need some institution to step in, government.
I will begin with the intervention of government in the health care field. It is clear our government is very involved with our "public health" and has been in the past. There are numerous research projects going on now that without government support would surel…

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