Capital Punishment: Supporting

The Death Penalty: Life, Liberty and Justice for All.
Whenever the words “capital punishment” or "death penalty" arise, extremists both for and against begin to offer reasons concerning whether the punishment serves as justice for the criminal or if it is a barbaric display of the American justice system.Capital punishment is a legitimate and effective way of handling murderers because it serves justice, safeguards society and deters crime.But to effectively implement capital punishment, it must be enforced in a much swifter manner than it currently is.The United States must toughen up on murderers, or any criminal for that matter, to decrease the crime rate and it must serve the citizens the justice and protection they deserve.By doing all of these things, American society as a whole will be vastly improved.
Justice must be served to the citizens of America. In The Law, Frederic Bastiat says that the human race has been with inalienable rights of life, liberty and property even before formal law was established (25).In a similar manner, the United States' Bill of Rights states that all citizens are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.If a man takes these rights away from another, his should be revoked.By committing the act of murder, a man denies another of their right to life and therefore exhibits that he himself is no longer entitled to his basic human rights.An article at supports this notion.It states, “Any man who murders another man has declared that he
does not accept the principle of individual rights….He can make no claim to these rights for protection.He deserves death" (1).
There is no reason why an accused murderer, or any criminal for that matter, should be sentenced with a punishment any less than the crime they committed.As
written by A. Balwin, “Those who show no mercy should find none" (Bender 18).Those who do not res…

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