capital punishment as americans minds change

Capitol Punishment is the harshest punishment there is for a crime in the United States. Just like most ideas and policies in our nation people agree with Capitol Punishment and people don't agree with it. As time goes on more and more Americans support the death penalty. Despite the increase in support there are still questionable factors about Capitol Punishment. It is said that the death penalty is overcrowding our prisons, that there are racial bias, and poor representation for poor defendants when it comes the cases where lawyers are seeking the death penalty.
Polls from the 1960's prove that most American's opposed the death penalty.Most western nations had eliminated the death penalty completely or had modified its use. Polls from the 1990's show that 75-80 percent of Americans support the death penalty ( Monk, 252).
Then there are Americans such as Justice Brennan that says the death penalty is "uncivilized," "inhuman,"'inconsistent with' "human dignity" and with "the sanctity of life." He also says that the death penalty "treats the human race as nonhumans, as objects to be toyed with and discarded, that it is uniquely degrading to human dignity and by its very nature, [involves] a denial of the executed persons humanity" ( Monk, 270).
There is a lot of people these days don't like the fact that we have government programs that cost a great deal of money and produce less results. These are the programs that people want to due away with. The death penalty is " one of the least efficient government programs in America is also among the most popular. Capitol Punishment is favored by more than three- quarters of the American voters." Case studies have also proven that the cost to carry out a death sentence is far more expensive than it is it hold a prisoner for life. In the year 1994 death row exceeded 3000 prisoners natio…

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