Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is necessary to justify for those who violate the law. People who commit the act of major crimes must be penalize and be punish for their behavior. The government considers the action on capital punishment has weakened. In the United States, only eighty nations have abolished the death penalty. Human rights of others especially the victims of the crime are settled in courts and the fair punishment must be justified. Criminal acts are not handling with proper punishments and therefore, the criminal justice system needs to be harsh, but yet fair.
For thefirst one hundred fifty years, the federal government played a minor role in setting policy towards the death penalty. The majority of states provided capital punishment and executions were common until the late 1950s. Some states abolished capital punishment at their own plan, beginning with Michigan in the late 1840s. By 1965, thirteen states had no death penalty, and the number of executions in those states that retained capital punishment laws. Capital punishment brings the fall towards the victims of justice. We can't let those who corrupt our society to lead into control, the system will fight and righteousness of others will prevail. Death penalty provides the sense of justice to those who hurt others and we in the United States feel it was right to do so. No one has the right to get away from killing a victim, no matter what cost, the punishment must be brought into action. This deals with criminals and serious cases of murder victims. Capital punishment protects the people and demonstrates the use of justice. Killing someone who commit the crime will be surely punish and unforgiving under the law meaning they will not get away with murder. Someone's death leaves behind away the victims to suffer mentally for what they gone through.
Each year there are about two hundred fifty people added to death row and thirty-five executed….

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